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Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to teaching kids about money, providing the intellectual and emotional tools needed to champion their financial future.

Created by experts in education, financial management, child psychology, personal coaching, business, and entrepreneurship, our curriculum seamlessly combines the practical with the psychological aspects of money.

our why

Starting at the age of 8, children begin forming their own cognitive thoughts and feelings about money, shaping their sense of self-worth in relation to it.

At this critical stage of development, children have an unlimited potential to learn how to think and feel about money – how to earn, build, manage, and enjoy it free of guilt and personal conflict. By identifying and reshaping any negative unconscious associations early on, children develop a healthy understanding of money’s abundance and that acquiring and using it wisely are dependent upon their own self-imposed thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

Beyond the Basics

We focus on three key areas of development to provide a positive framework for kids to explore their thoughts & feelings about money.


How thoughts, feelings, and emotions drive behavior



How unconscious urges motivate behavior


How personal environment influences behavior

Money Energy Cycle

The program foundation is based on the concept of the money circulation though the economy and the energy money provides.

The lessons build and expand from this core concept of circulation and money energy, exploring and understanding the unique emotions, feelings, and associations of thought which are experienced at each stage.

Money Smarts Start Here

For most, the essential life skill of money management is not taught in school – until now! Our multi-week enrichment program is coming to schools Spring ‘24!