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Building Bright Financial Futures for Kids

Empower 8-12 year olds with essential money skills and a positive money mindset for lifelong financial well-being.

An innovative financial literacy program created by education, business, and child psychology experts, MM4K goes beyond the basics of money management and focuses on three key areas of development.


How thoughts, feelings, and emotions drive behavior



How unconscious urges motivate behavior


How personal environment influences behavior

Our multi-week enrichment program uniquely combines financial literacy with game-based learning, utilizing creative storytelling and metaphors to help kids build the skills necessary for understanding money management and empowering them to build lifelong healthy money habits.

Why teach kids about money?

Starting at age 8, children are most receptive to learning and forming lifelong financial habits. Our engaging program focuses on both practical and psychological aspects, making money education enjoyable and easy to understand. 


Have Fun playing games while learning lessons that teach them the basics of money management.

Acquire Real Life Tools they can begin using after their first class to start planning their financial future.

Gain Confidence in all aspects of their lives as they learn how to plan for and manage wisely to achieve their goals.

Become Better Citizens in the community as they learn the importance and value of financial responsibility and giving back.

Develop Healthy Money Habits and learn the importance of patience, focus, and positive thinking.


Dynamic Instructors, Easy Enrollment & Promotional Support

Our carefully screened and well-trained instructors bring dynamism and engagement to the learning experience. We provide promotional support through digital and printed flyers, ensuring parents are informed. Enrollment is made simple and secure through our user-friendly online registration platform, or registration can be managed by your team. 


Long-term, healthy money-management habits start here.