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Our Curriculum

The Money Management 4 Kids curriculum uniquely combines financial literacy with game-based learning, making learning fun for kids.

Using imagery, illustrations, vivid colors, storytelling, character archetypes and metaphors, we help kids build the skills necessary for understanding proper money management and empower them to master their own money journey.

Kids learn alongside Moo La, our heroine, as she embarks on her money journey.

Leaving her home farm, Moo La sets out on the road to prosperity toward Moo York City where she hopes to find financial independence. Together, they meet a cast of characters who help them discover how the greater economy works as they acquire and build income producing assets needed to reach their goal.

Along the journey, they face challenges that require critical thinking, patience and focus as they develop an understanding of needs vs wants, delayed gratification, setting money aside and long-term financial planning.

Our Lessons

Designed for a classroom setting, the MM4K learning system consists of four modules, with eight 60-minute lessons including interactive learning tools, games, and activities.

The progression-based lessons are designed so that foundational concepts are introduced, reinforced and developed in each module, giving students the opportunity to excel, achieve goals and reach learning milestones. 

Module I: Money Awareness
  1. My Money Journey
  2. What is Money?
  3. Positive Thinking and Affirmations
  4. Money is Everywhere!
  5. Supply and Demand
  6. Patience and Planning for the Future
  7. Needs vs. Wants
  8. Review
Module II: Income
  1. Introduction to the Money Energy Cycle
  2. Receiving Money Energy
  3. Earning Money Energy Part 1
  4. Earning Money Energy Part 2
  5. Types of Work
  6. Supply, Demand & Quality of Work Part 1
  7. Supply, Demand & Quality of Work Part 2
  8. Review
Module III: Expenses
  1. Opportunity Costs
  2. Planning on Spending
  3. The Decision Tree
  4. Expenses on the Income Statement
  5. Net Income
  6. Long-Term Goals & Delayed Gratification
  7. Building Money Energy and CMM
  8. Review
Module IV: Assets and Liabilities
  1. Introduction to Assets and Liabilities
  2. Storing and Building Money Energy
  3. Accounting for Assets
  4. Assets and Building Long-Term Wealth
  5. Accounting for Liability and Debt
  6. The Balance Sheet
  7. Net Worth
  8. The Full Cycle Game