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Empowering Kids to be Heroes of their Financial Futures

Making kids masters of their financial universe, champions of their money story, and heroes of their financial futures.

Money Management 4 Kids (MM4K) is an innovative, fun-filled financial literacy program for 8 to 12-year-olds. Created by experts in education, business, and child psychology, this revolutionary program merges learning and play into an incredible journey of financial discovery and empowerment.

More Than Dollars and Cents

Going beyond the basic lessons of money management, MM4K provides a positive framework for kids to explore how to think and feel about money. This emotional awareness fuels financial confidence, helping kids understand how to obtain and manage money, practice financial responsibility, and build and enjoy long-term wealth.


Money Skills

Essential life skill of money management through fun and easy to understand concepts.

Money Fundamentals

Fundamentals of earning, budgeting, investing spending, and wealth building

Money Mindset

Positive money mindset and an awareness of how emotions impact financial choices

Meet Moo La,
Our Cash Cow

Kids learn alongside Moo La as she embarks on her money journey. Together, they learn to become financially independent, acquiring and building income producing assets while on the road to financial prosperity. 

Money Smarts Start Here

For most, the essential life skill of money management is not taught in school – until now! Our multi-week enrichment program is coming to schools Spring ‘24!